About Annual Dues

Membership dues at work
Membership dues go to work providing funding for the Chamber’s programs, initiatives, and philanthropic activities.

Dues for the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce are paid annually on a calendar year basis from January through December. Dues help fund the various programs, initiatives, and philanthropic activities of the Chamber. Dues are very reasonable and are tiered based upon the size of a business (or if the member is only a resident/non-commercial):

Fewer than 10 employees: $50.00
10-20 Employees: $100.00
More than 20 employees: $200.00
Residential membership: $25.00

*Calendar year from January-December.

First Time Members

First time members may be able to pay a prorated amount if joining the GPVCOC in the second half of the calendar year. Prospective members should contact us to see how much your partial year dues will be.

Members of Other Chambers of Commerce

Furthermore, we encourage our members to be a member of their local town Chamber in addition to the GPVCOC. If you are already a member of a local Chamber of Commerce, the annual dues for the GPVCOC will be discounted by 50%!

Membership Dues Can Be A Business Tax Deduction

Remember, your investment in dues as a chamber member is tax deductible as a business expense.

We hope you consider becoming a Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce member and look forward to hearing from you. To apply now, please visit our page entitled, “Membership Application.”