GPVCOC Membership

Why join the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce?

The Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce provides many benefits to its members and to the community at large.

Studies* have shown that members of a chamber of commerce get instant credibility. These instant benefits include: increased consumer awareness, favorability, reputation and likelihood of future patronage. Chamber membership translates in the consumer’s mind that your business is trustworthy, a neighborhood leader, and invested in the community.

In addition to instant credibility, you have access to powerful resources and networking tools to take your business to the next level including opportunities to meet key elected officials, influence policy in our local community, free seminars to brainstorm with fellow entrepreneurs, demographic info, and consumer access for your business on the Chamber’s Website. And, chamber dues may even be tax-deductible.

More specifically, the following sections will provide information about joining the GPVCOC:

♦  Membership Overview

♦  Benefits of Membership in the GPVCOC

  “Loyalty Card” Program for Members and Community

♦  About Annual Dues

♦  Membership Application

♦  Renew Your Membership

♦  Helpful Business Links for Chamber Members

Downloadable Pamphlet

For your convenience, we have created and posted a tri-fold pamphlet which summarizes our activities and provides an off-line membership application form. You can download it here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about membership.

*”The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce – A Research Study
– The Shapiro Group, Atlanta, GA