Benefits of Membership in the GPVCOC

Benefits of the GPVCOC
Becoming a member of the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce has numerous benefits.

Becoming a member of the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce has numerous tangible (and intangible) benefits. Below we list some of the member specific and general benefits of becoming a member of our Chamber.

Member Specific Benefits

Many of the member specific benefits include the following:

  1. Networking events to meet like-minded professionals and extend your business reach.
  2. Local Advertising: Quarterly half page ad featuring Chamber members in the Pascack Press.
  3. Local Event Promotion: Promote your company’s events on our website calendar and directly to our Chamber distribution list.
  4. Loyalty Discount Card: With your membership, you get one free “Loyalty Discount Card” giving you exclusive discounts to local businesses who are also Chamber members. It also gives you the opportunity to promote your business to other Chamber members.
  5. Member Directory listing on the Chamber website.
  6. Back-links and traffic to your company website.
  7. Warm Introductions: At each monthly meeting the first 15 minutes will be reserved for a Chamber member to talk about their company and its services.
  8. Networking Referral Group:  One representative from each industry/service to meet in a group to discuss ways to help each other out.  The group’s objective would be to aid referrals/warm prospect introductions between each other.  Chamber provides the Group with a set budget for one annual educational and/or networking event as well.
  9. Local Philanthropy: Join senior business leaders in the “Chamber Annual Day of Service.”
  10. Members-only “Holiday Happy Hour” subsidized by the Chamber funds.

General Benefits of Being a Member of our Chamber

  • Networking: Create strategic alliances and build lasting business relationships through networking, social media and events throughout the Pascack Valley.
  • Knowledge: Take advantage of professional development programming and educational seminars that are complimentary with membership.
  • Credibility: Consumers are 63% more likely to buy and do business with those associated with a chamber of commerce.
  • Representation: Become part of a collective voice of Pascack Valley small business owners speaking out together to affect local, state and federal policy.
  • Visibility: Be there when your potential consumers throughout the Pascack Valley are searching for your specific service or product through the online business directory.
  • Status: Become known as a Pascack Valley community leader by participating in high-profile events and volunteer opportunities.
  • Information: Receive updates about local, Pascack Valley, state, and federal issues that may have an impact on your business.
  • Growth: Gain new customers and grow sales in the Pascack Valley through no-cost promotions and discounted rates on local newspaper advertising.
  • Savings: Receive free notary services, access to bulk mail rates, and member-to-member discounts.
  • Good Citizenship: Be known as a home-grown business that is there for those who want to buy local and keep their dollars spent in the Pascack Valley.

Apply for Membership Now

Please accept our invitation by submitting your membership request online now. To learn about our very affordable multi-tiered dues schedule, please visit our webpage entitled, “Annual Dues.”