“Loyalty Card” Program for Chamber Members and Community

What is the “Loyalty Card” Program?…

The Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce Loyalty Card
The GPVCOC recently introduced a “Loyalty Card” program featuring discounts to member businesses goods and services throughout the Pascack Valley and beyond. While they have a $50 value each, they are currently being offered at an introductory price of only $20.

To support its members and the community at large, the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce (GPVCOC) created a “Loyalty Card” program. The card includes access to discounts and other offers for goods and services at local businesses (who are also members of the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce). Cards can be used by member businesses and citizens throughout the area.

Participating Businesses and Offers: All kinds of businesses participate in this program including: restaurants, chiropractors, hair salons, financial firms, hardware stores, print shops, realtors, photographers, senior care facilities, mortgage companies, bakeries, and more. Virtually any and all member companies can participate one way or another. Check out our current 2019 Loyalty Card Program Offers here.

Keeps Business Local: This program helps to keep the Pascack Valley community shopping/buying locally and promotes businesses throughout the Pascack Valley (more specifically, those businesses who are members of the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce).

Closeup of Towns in the Greater Pascack Valley
The Loyalty Card program helps keep business local but also extends its promotional reach to all ten towns in the greater Pascack Valley.

Extends Your Reach: The idea stemmed from a smaller local promotion that allowed discounts to business in only two towns in the Pascack Valley area. Our new Loyalty Card program goes beyond one or two town and extends the promotional reach throughout all ten towns in the greater Pascack Valley.

All Members Get Cards: While each card has a value of $50, as a benefit of membership, member businesses will also get one, two, or up to four free cards. A business can quickly save hundreds of dollars by utilizing this card and support fellow local businesses at the same time. Small businesses (<10 employees) will get one free card. Medium sized businesses (10-25 employees) will receive 2 free cards. Large businesses (>25 employees) will receive 4 loyalty discount cards. Additional Loyalty Cards are available for $20 each.

Cards For Sale to Non-Members: While every member of the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce gets one to four cards for their use, cards are also available to non-members. To expand your business opportunities, cards will be sold for an introductory price of $20 each ($50 value) to residents and businesses alike who are not currently Chamber members. Your promotion is not limited to current members of our Chamber.

How to Join the Program as a Member Business

Be a Member: First, to be a part of the loyal card program, one must also be a member of the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce. Membership dues vary according to the size of an organization, (specifically by number of employees within the business). There are numerous benefits to joining the GPVCOC, the Loyalty Card program is just one of them. Members get also advertising/promotion on the Chamber website, discounts to other local businesses, networking events, and more.

Decide on an Offer: Decide what type of offer would benefit your business best whether to attract new business or increase your business with existing customers (or both). Your offer can be a business-to-business offer or an offer to consumers as a whole… you decide. The offer also can be for goods, services, or both. Typical offers include discounted goods/services, free consultations/analyses, free trials, and free samples. They might also include give away items (with a visit to your business and capturing of their contact informative). The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Available as a PDF or an eForm.

Fill out our Form: To be a business offering a discount, the business owner must fill out a simple form stating their proposed discount/offer.  This discount will be valid for one year on a calendar year basis (January 1 through December 31 of the program year). For your convenience, you can fill out our form online to initiate the process or download a PDF of the form for offline use:

Need More Info?…

If you have any questions about our this program, feel free to contact our Loyalty Card chairperson, Joseph Vanacore, by calling him directly at (201) 458-2146 or email him at JVanacore@FinancialGuide.com