The History of the Greater Pascack Valley Updated/Expanded

Closeup of Towns in the Greater Pascack Valley
Learn more about the history of the ten towns that make up the greater Pascack Valley by clicking on the map above.

One of the sections of our website has been greatly updated and expanded to include more information. The section entitled,”Greater Pascack Valley Overview and History” now includes greater detail about how the greater Pascack Valley came to be.

Did you know:

    • The entire area was originally included in the Dutch colony called “New Netherland.”
    • The entire area was renamed several times from one township name to another.
    • Yes, George Washington did sleep here (and so did the Continental Army).
    • The railroad had a profound economic effect on developing the region.
    • Most of today’s towns in the greater Pascack Valley were created in just a 4 year period.


Find out more by reading the “Greater Pascack Valley Overview and History.”